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Premium Domain Names for Sale
Welcome to 360Investments.com - the 'parent' web site for the 360 group of premium domains.

Since 360 Investments 'opened its doors' in 1999 it has operated many web sites and acquired premium domain names in different industries. The group of web sites operated by 360 Investments has averaged over 130,000 visitors per month (1.56 million visitors per annum) and have helped millions of people to achieve their ambitions over the years.

All of these premium domain names are now available for sale.

The 360 suffix on keyword domains has become extremely popular and valuable over the last few years as companies like Microsoft and Symantec have launched flagship products using this, with the XBox360 and Norton360 now being instantly recognisable brands.

Whilst these brands have focused on the "total and complete solution" aspect of the 360 suffix, as technology has developed 360 degree interactive virtual tours and panoramic photo galleries have become very popular on the web, especially in the Travel and Location sectors.

Add in other uses of 360 in our everyday language, such as 360 degree feedback or the Ferrari 360 Modena and it is easy to see why it has become so popular when setting up a presence on the Internet.

A number of astute, high profile investors have focused on the 360 suffix in their own domain portfolios, such as Clark Siegelin (mentioned in this article by Sedo) and Dale Merritt, at Dot ventures (Arizona Technology Company Banks Heavily On 360 Brand Internet Domains).

There has been a noticeable appreciation in value of 360 domains with AC360.com (the blog for Anderson Cooper's CNN television news program) going for $12,892 in February 2008 and Football360.com changing hands for $33,000 in June 2008. The popularity, and sales record, of the 360 suffix has continued with Mobile360.com and Med360.com both being sold for $10,100 and $15,000 respectively, and Bible360.com sold for $20,000.

[For research purposes, you can obtain recent sales prices on 360 domains by typing the keyword: 360 in the search box at DNSalePrice, which includes all published domain sales from 2003 in its database.]

Welcome to 360 Investments - Premium Domain Names for Sale


360 Investments
- Premium Domain Names for Sale

The full list of premium 360 domains that are still available for sale from 360 Investments (and their first registration date) are shown below and clicking on the respective links will take you to the appropriate page at either Sedo or Afternic, both of which are global domain marketplaces.

We are also very happy to discuss discounts for portfolio purchases, especially if you are looking to acquire different domain extensions to help you build your brand on the Internet. Please contact us, using the Contact Form on this site, if you'd like further details on any of the premium domains listed below or to discuss a portfolio purchase. Alternatively, you can contact us via Sedo or Afternic by clicking through to the respective domain listing and using the contact form on their site

Please also note that there are no ownership restrictions on any of these domain extensions, or who can register them, i.e. you do not require a UK presence or to be resident in the UK to register a .co.uk domain name, and this is one of the most popular country TLD extensions in the world, just behind .cn (China) and .de (Germany).

Business - General (2 domains for sale)
Domain name First Registration Domain Extensions available
CustomerService360 2007 customerservice360.net
eCommerceBusiness.org eCommerceBusiness.org SOLD
RealEstateInvestment360 RealEstateInvestment360.com SOLD
Shredders360 2007 shredders360.com
Business - Management  (7 domains for sale)
Domain name First Registration Domain Extensions available
BusinessManagement360 2006 businessmanagement360.com
GoalSetting360 2008 goalsetting360.com
Law360 Law360.com SOLD
Law360.net SOLD
Law360.org SOLD
Law360.info SOLD
Law360.biz SOLD
Law360.co.uk SOLD
LeadershipGuide360 LeadershipGuide360.com SOLD
LifeCoach360 LifeCoach360.com SOLD
ManagingTime360 2008 managingtime360.com
Motivation360 Motivation360.net SOLD
Organized360 Organized360.com SOLD
PersonalDevelopment360 PersonalDevelopment360.com SOLD
SelfImprovement360 2009 selfimprovement360.com
StrategicPlanning360 2006 strategicplanning360.com
Success360 2009 success360.info
SurefireNegotiationTactics 2010 SurefireNegotiationTactics.info

Business  - Marketing  (26 domains for sale)
Domain name First Registration Domain Extensions available
AffiliateMarketing360 2009 affiliatemarketing360.com
AffiliateMarketing360.net SOLD
AffiliateProgram360 2010 affiliateprogram360.com
ArticleMarketing360 2014 articlemarketing360.com
ArticleMarketing360.net SOLD
2010 articlemarketing360.info
Articles360 2009 articles360.net 
Autoresponder360 2005 autoresponder360.com 
Autoresponders360 2005 autoresponders360.com
BrandMarketing360 BrandMarketing360.com SOLD
BrandMarketing360.net SOLD
BrandMarketing360.co.uk SOLD
BusinessBranding360 2010 businessbranding360.com
BusinessBuilder360 2010 businessbuilder360.com 
BusinessCoachingVideos BusinessCoachingVideos.com SOLD
BusinessMarketing360 BusinessMarketing360.com  SOLD
ChristmasGraphicsCollection 2011 christmasgraphicscollection.com
Copywriting360 Copywriting360.com SOLD
Dropshipping360 Dropshipping360.com SOLD
EbookStore360 2006 ebookstore360.com
eCoachingSecrets eCoachingSecrets.info SOLD
EmailMarketing360 2006 emailmarketing360.com
Ezines360 2007 ezines360.com
FreeInternetMarketingVideos FreeInternetMarketingVideos.net SOLD
HighTicketBlueprint HighTicketBlueprint.info SOLD
Homeworking360 2010 homeworking360.com 
JVs360 2009 jvs360.com
KeywordResearch360 2010 keywordresearch360.com 
ListBuildingIncome ListBuildingIncome.info SOLD
Memberships360 2009 memberships360.com
NicheProducts360 2009 nicheproducts360.com 
NoCostAffiliateMarketing 2014 nocostaffiliatemarketing.biz
OneTimeOffers360 OneTimeOffers360.com SOLD
OnlineBusinessVideos OnlineBusinessVideos.net SOLD
OnlineSuccess360 2009 onlinesuccess360.com
PLR360 2009 plr360.com
ProductCreationMachine 2014 productcreationmachine.net
ResellRights360 2009 resellrights360.com
SearchEngines360 2009 searchengines360.com
SecretWebinarRiches SecretWebinarRiches.com SOLD
SecretWebinarRiches.info SOLD
SiteDesign360 2009 sitedesign360.com 
SmallBusinessArticles SmallBusinessArticles.org SOLD
SuperAffiliateCommissions SuperAffiliateCommissions.info SOLD
SuperAffiliatesCommissions SuperAffiliatesCommissions.info SOLD
VideoMarketingBlueprint VideoMarketingBlueprint.info SOLD
WebGraphics360 2009 webgraphics360.com
Careers / Employment  (7 domains for sale))
Domain name First Registration Domain Extensions available
Careers360 Careers360.com SOLD
Employment360 2002 employment360.com
2005 employment360.net
2005 employment360.co.uk
Freelancing360 Freelancing360.net SOLD
Interviews360 2008 interviews360.com
Resume360 2003 resume360.com
Resumes360 2003 resumes360.com
2010 resumes360.net
VirtualAssistant360   VirtualAssistant360.com SOLD
Computers / Technology  (5 domains for sale)
Domain name First Registration Domain Extensions available
AudioStreaming360 AudioStreaming360.com SOLD
AudioStreaming360.net SOLD
AudioStreaming360.info SOLD
Blogs360 Blogs360.net SOLD
Blogs360.info SOLD
BroadbandInternet360 BroadbandInternet360.com SOLD
Computers360 2007 computers360.net
Domains360 2007 domains360.co.uk
Hosting360 2007 hosting360.info 
HostUnlimitedDomains HostUnlimitedDomains.net SOLD
InternetSpeeds InternetSpeeds.org SOLD
Technology360 2008 technology360.co.uk 
Websites360 2007 websites360.info
Education  (10 domains for sale)
Domain name First Registration Domain Extensions available
Answers360 2007 answers360.net
CorporateFinance360 2007 corporatefinance360.com
DistanceLearning360 2007 distancelearning360.com 
Education360 2007 education360.net
Essays360 2007 essays360.com
LawSchools360 LawSchools360.com SOLD
Math360 2007 math360.net
MBA360 MBA360.com SOLD 
MBABookmarks 2003 mbabookmarks.com
OnlineDegrees360 2009 onlinedegrees360.com
PHDPhysics PHDPhysics.com SOLD
Scholarships360 2007 scholarships360.info
Writing360 2007 writing360.info
Domain name First Registration Domain Extensions available
FilmMaking360 FilmMaking360.com SOLD
Finance - Insurance
Domain name First Registration Domain Extensions available
Insure360 Insure360.com SOLD
Insure360.co.uk SOLD
Finance - Investing (8 domains for sale)
Domain name First Registration Domain Extensions available
Bonds360 2007 bonds360.co.uk
Derivatives360 2007 derivatives360.com
Gilts360 2007 gilts360.com
2007 gilts360.co.uk
Investment360 Investment360.info SOLD
2007 investment360.co.uk
Options360 2007 options360.net
SpreadBetting360 2007 spreadbetting360.com
Stockmarket360 StockMarket360.info SOLD
StockTrading360 Stocktrading360.net SOLD
VCT360 VCT360.com SOLD
VCT360.net SOLD
VCT360.co.uk SOLD
Warrants360 2007 warrants360.com
Yield360 Yield360.com SOLD
Finance - Money (2 domains for sale)
Domain name First Registration Domain Extensions available
ConsumerCredit360 ConsumerCredit360.com SOLD
ConsumerCredit360.net SOLD
Credit360 2008 credit360.org 
CreditCards360 2007 creditcards360.co.uk 
General  (7 domains for sale)
Domain name First Registration Domain Extensions available
Calendars360 Calendars360.com SOLD
eChristmas 2014 echristmas.org
FengShui360 FengShui360.net SOLD
HealthyEating360 HealthyEating360.com SOLD
NoMorePoverty NoMorePoverty.org SOLD
OrganicGardening360 OrganicGardening360.com SOLD
Pens360 2006 pens360.com
Phones360 2007 phones360.info
Postcards360 2011 postcards360.com
2007 postcards360.co.uk
Solitaire360 Solitaire360.com SOLD
Time360 2008 time360.net
Your-Christmas 2006 your-christmas.com
Sport  (3 domains for sale)
Domain name First Registration Domain Extensions available
GolfWorld360 GolfWorld360.com SOLD
ImproveYourGolf 2010 improveyourgolf.net
SnowboardWaxKit 2012 snowboardwaxkit.com
Tennis360 2007 tennis360.net
Travel / Locations - UK (19 domains for sale)
Domain name First Registration Domain Extensions available
Aberdeen360 2007 aberdeen360.com
2007 aberdeen360.co.uk
Aviemore360 2007 aviemore360.com
2007 aviemore360.co.uk
Dundee360 Dundee360.com SOLD
2007 dundee360.co.uk
Edinburgh360 2006 edinburgh360.com
2007 edinburgh360.co.uk
Glasgow360 2007 glasgow360.co.uk
Guernsey360 2007 guernsey360.com
2007 guernsey360.co.uk
Inverness360 2007 inverness360.com
2007 inverness360.co.uk
Jersey360 2007 jersey360.co.uk
Perth360 2007 perth360.co.uk
Scotland360 2004 scotland360.com
StAndrews360 2007 standrews360.com
2007 standrews360.co.uk
Stirling360 2007 stirling360.com
2007 stirling360.co.uk

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